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List of Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

There are several amazing places to visit near Bangalore that can offer great weekend getaway destinations. As the city is surrounded by hills, you could bask in bounteous nature in Coorg or Kabini o (Read More)r explore heritage monuments in Mysore, or more. Read on to find out about the whole host of options to satisfy your need for weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Here is the list of 67 Best Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

1. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Chikmagalur, Karnataka
4.4 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : Baba Budangiri Mullayanagiri Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Popularly known as the 'Coffee Land of Karnataka', Chikmagalur is situated in the foothills of the Mullayangiri Range and is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Karnataka. Chikmagalur has a perpetual fragrance of coffee lingering in the air with it plenty of coffee plantations. Famous for its tall mountains, lush green forests, and its tranquil environment (apart from its coffee production), Chikmagalur is a very popular tourist destination and is a quick retreat for the people of Karnataka.

Distance from Bangalore: 244 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

22 Chikmagalur Attractions

2. Udupi, Karnataka

Udupi, Karnataka
4.3 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : St. Mary's Island Malpe Beach Krishna Temple

Udupi is a coastal town in Karnataka, most famous for its vegetarian cuisine and South Indian restaurants all over the country. With beautifully carved ancient temples, laidback beaches and unexplored forests, Udupi is also the place where the educational hub of Manipal is located. Situated 60 km from Mangalore, Udupi is famous for its temple culture.

Distance From Bangalore: 404 km

Distance from Bangalore: 404 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

31 Udupi Attractions

3. Dandeli - The Adventure Capital of South India

Dandeli - The Adventure Capital of South India
4.2 /5 View 27+ photos

Known For : River Rafting in Dandeli Kali Tiger Reserve Magod Falls

Located on the Western Ghats of Uttara Karnataka, Dandeli is bestowed with the lush green forests and lies on the banks of the Kali river. Known for its many fantastic adventure opportunities, Dandeli is a hub for river rafting on river kali . Adventure seekers have many options such as mountain biking, trekking, cycling, kayaking and canoeing. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is another exciting element that Dandeli has to offer.  This is perfect for nature lovers too as they can spot Bisons and Black Panthers here as well as be amidst beautiful flora as well.

Best Time: October to May

25 Dandeli Attractions

4. Pondicherry

4.1 /5 View 29+ photos

Known For : Paradise Beach, Pondicherry Aurobindo Ashram Auroville

Pondicherry, officially known as Puducherry, and commonly referred to as just Pondy, is one of the seven Union Territories of India. This former French colony is a perfect amalgamation of the traditional Indian sensibilities and French architecture, making it a dreamy escape that offers the best of both worlds.

Distance From Bangalore: 360 km

Distance from Bangalore: 312 km

Best Time: October to March

48 Pondicherry Attractions

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5. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
3.7 /5 View 5+ photos

Covering a vast area of over 490 sq. kms, the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over the districts of Shimoga and Chikmagalur, 38 km west of the Chikmagalur town in Karnataka. Surrounded by hills of the Western Ghats on all sides, the view of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary looks like a scene right out of a movie! Since it is a Tiger Reserve, there are 30 Tigers and 20 leopards that can be spotted in Doddahadlu and Chandanahadlu. Over 250 species of birds can be spotted, most of them endemic to the Western Ghats.

Safari Details :

Timings: 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Daily
Jeep - INR 400 per person (6 people excluding driver and guide)
Bus or Canter - INR 300 (25 people)

6. Kabini, Karnataka

Kabini, Karnataka
4.0 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : Jungle Safari, Kabini Boating in Kabini

Once a private hunting area for the British, this famous wildlife destination has a rich variety of flora and fauna making it a gorgeous tourist spot. Kabini is a perfect place to get away from a busy and hectic schedule and indulge in nature. Kabini has a lot to offer right from the Jungle Safari, boating to trekking in Nagarhole Forest.

Distance From Bangalore: 154 km

Distance from Bangalore: 164 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

5 Kabini Attractions

7. Badami, Karnataka - Home to Mesmerising Cave Temples

Badami, Karnataka - Home to Mesmerising Cave Temples
4.1 /5 View 47+ photos

Known For : Cave Temples Agastya Lake Badami Fort

Located in a valley of rugged red sandstone, surrounding the Agastya Lake, Badami (formerly known as Vatapi) is an archaeological delight owing to its beautifully crafted sandstone cave temples, fortresses and carvings. Located in the Bagalkot district in Karnataka, Badami is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that constitute Aihole-Badami-Pattadakal and is the finest example of traditional temple architecture in India.

Best Time: October to Apr

14 Badami Attractions

8. Sakleshpur

4.5 /5

Known For : Manjarabad Fort Sakleshwara Temple Bisle Reserve Forest

Sakleshpur is a popular yet offbeat hill station in Karnataka flanked by the Western Ghats. There is something for everyone, from the dense rainforest, hiking trails, historical temples and an old fort, mountain peaks, and waterfalls. Whether its the significant agricultural products or the discovery of a jyotirlinga by the Hoysalas, the quaint town of Sakleshpur earned its name rightly as one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Distance From Bangalore: 221 km

Distance from Bangalore: 221 km

14 Sakleshpur Attractions

9. Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Nandi Hills, Karnataka
4.0 /5 View 49+ photos

Known For : Tipu's Drop Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple Tipu's Summer Residence

Located around an hour's drive away from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is one such tourist spot that has gradually been discovered by visitors over the years and has now become a well-known weekend getaway. Featuring beautifully carved arches and majestic pillars with intricately painted walls and ceilings, Nandi Hills is scattered with shrines and monuments and is surrounded by mesmerizing views, making this place no less than a hidden paradise. Locals and tourists flock to watch the sunrise here.

Distance From Bangalore: 61 km 

Best Time: October to June

12 Nandi Hills Attractions

10. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg, Karnataka
4.2 /5 View 31+ photos

Known For : Abbey Falls Raja's Seat Coffee Plantations in Coorg

Located amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers.  This popular coffee-producing hill station is not only popular for its beautiful green hills and the streams cutting right through them. It also stands as a popular destination because of its culture and people. The Kodavas, a local clan specializing in martial arts, are especially notable for their keen hospitality.

Distance From Bangalore: 250 km

Distance from Bangalore: 268 km

Best Time: October to March

35 Coorg Attractions

11. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty, Tamil Nadu
4.3 /5 View 30+ photos

Known For : Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ooty Lake Emerald Lake, Ooty

The Blue Mountains have always been shrouded in mysticism, and Ooty is no exception to that. For every mountain lover, the very idea of travelling to the city known as the Queen of the Hills holds an allure like no other. Once regarded as the summer headquarters of the East India Company (and for a very good reason), Ooty, also known as Udagamandalam, is a hill station in Tamil Nadu which serves as a very popular tourist destination for anyone looking for a picturesque place to relax and unwind. Ooty is nestled amidst the Nilgiri hills at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level and enjoys a favourable climate all year round.

Distance From Bangalore: 274 km

Distance from Bangalore: 265 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

43 Ooty Attractions

12. Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi, Karnataka
4.5 /5 View 103+ photos

Known For : Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Vithala Temple Lotus Palace

Hampi, the city of ruins, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated in the shadowed depth of hills and valleys in the state of Karnataka, this place is a historical delight for travellers. Surrounded by 500 ancient monuments, beautiful temples, bustling street markets, bastions, treasury building and captivating remains of Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi is a backpacker's delight. Hampi is an open museum with 100+ locations to explore and a favorite way to see the city from the perspective of its history.

Distance From Bangalore: 340 km

Distance from Bangalore: 345 km

Best Time: October to March

31 Hampi Attractions

13. Kudremukh, Karnataka

Kudremukh, Karnataka
4.6 /5 View 33+ photos

Known For : Kudremukh Trek Kudremukh National Park Hanuman Gundi Falls

Popular and named after a mountainside that resembles a horse's face, Kudremukh is famous for its biodiversity and scenic beauty. A popular hill-station among the Bangalore crowd, Kudremukh is actually a hill range in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Kudremukh Peak is a paradise for trekkers and naturists alike, with its mountainous paths and floral and faunal diversity.

Distance From Bangalore: 330 km

Best Time: October to May

10 Kudremukh Attractions

14. Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna, Karnataka
4.4 /5 View 21+ photos

Known For : Om Beach Mahabaleshwara Temple Paradise Beach, Gokarna

With its pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes, Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town in Karnataka and a newly found hub for beach lovers and hippies. Situated on the coast of Karwar, every year Gokarna welcomes hordes of tourists from around the world in search of sanctity and relaxation. The out-of-town beaches like Kudle beach and Om Beach are a different contrast to life inside the town.

Best Time: Throughout the year

20 Gokarna Attractions

15. Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka

Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka
4.0 /5 View 19+ photos

Situated on the banks of river Kaveri, Shivanasamudra is primarily a hydropower project location but has gotten massive attention for its stunning waterfalls. Literally translating to 'Shiva's Sea', Shuvanasamudra is a picturesque town with rocky terrain and gushing waterfalls and is a popular tourist destination with Gaganachukki and Barachukki waterfalls being the ones you don't want to miss.

Distance From Bangalore: 135 km

Distance from Bangalore: 125 km

Best Time: August to February

3 Shivanasamudra Attractions

16. Chettinad, Tamil Nadu - Palaces, Places of Worship and Palates

Chettinad, Tamil Nadu - Palaces, Places of Worship and Palates
5.0 /5 View 13+ photos

Known For : Chettinad Palace Chettinad Museum Chettinadu Mansion

Located in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, Chettinad Showcases the rich heritage, striking art and grand architecture of the state. Apart from being known as a temple town, the Chettinad Cuisine is the most renowned in the repertoire of Tamil Nadu. The word "Chetti" is a Sanskrit term meaning wealth. It is derived from the original traders of the region who dealt in salt and spices for marbles and other decorative items used in the construction of their properties. It has an elaborately vibrant culture and an over the top extortionate township comprising of ridiculously opulent mansions, palatial homes, magnificent temples and fascinating museums.

Best Time: November to March

11 Chettinad Attractions

17. Bekal, Kerala - Beaches, Backwaters and Forts

Bekal, Kerala - Beaches, Backwaters and Forts
4.3 /5 View 8+ photos

Known For : Bekal Fort Bekal Beach Kappil Beach

Located on the west of the Malabar coastline, Bekal is a small town in the Kasargod district of Kerala. It is famous for its beaches, backwaters, forts, and some tourist spots. Bekal is home to the largest fortress in Kerala. It's one of the primary landmarks of the Kasargod district.

Distance From Bangalore: 363 km

Best Time: October to March

12 Bekal Attractions

18. Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore, Karnataka
4.2 /5 View 35+ photos

Known For : Mysore Palace Brindavan Gardens Mysore Zoo

Famously known as The City of Palaces, it wouldn?t be wrong to say that Mysore, currently Mysuru, is one of the most important places in the country regarding ancient reigns. It is replete with the history of its dazzling royal heritage, intricate architecture, its famed silk sarees, yoga, and sandalwood, to name just a few. Located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the third most populated city in Karnataka, and its rich heritage draws millions of tourists all year round. The highlight is the majestic Mysore Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a must-visit.

Distance From Bangalore: 143 km

Distance from Bangalore: 143 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

36 Mysore Attractions

19. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
4.3 /5 View 5+ photos

Known For : Sim's Park Dolphin's Nose Ketti Valley

One of the most beautiful and serene hill stations you will come across in the country, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the wonderful Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats. It is situated at an altitude of 1930 meters and just 19 km from Ooty.

Distance From Bangalore: 300 km

Distance from Bangalore: 284 km

Best Time: October to March

17 Coonoor Attractions

20. Mangalore, Karnataka

Mangalore, Karnataka
4.3 /5 View 16+ photos

Known For : Panambur Beach Kudroli Temple St Aloysius Chapel

Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, the port city of Mangalore or Mangaluru is known for its swaying coconut palms, beautiful beaches and temple architecture. It is also an important industrial, commercial, educational and healthcare hub of the state of Karnataka.

Distance From Bangalore: 350 km

Distance from Bangalore: 352 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

29 Mangalore Attractions

21. Shimoga (Shivamogga), Karnataka

Shimoga (Shivamogga), Karnataka
4.4 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : Kodachadri Jog Falls Agumbe

With nature in its full bloom, the town of Shimoga has been home to several great dynasties and kingdoms. Packed with several marvels of nature in the form of picturesque landscape, gorgeous waterfalls, mystical temples and lush green surroundings, its raw beauty will leave you absolutely enchanted. The main city of Shimoga District derives its name from the words 'Shiv-Mukha' implying 'Face of Lord Shiva'.

Distance From Bangalore: 300 km

Distance from Bangalore: 302 km

Best Time: July to December

37 Shimoga Attractions

22. BR Hills, Karnataka

BR Hills, Karnataka
3.8 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : BRT Wildlife Sanctuary Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Adventure Activities

Around 175 kilometres away from Bangalore, BR Hills, also known as Billigiriranga Hills, is a hill range and one of the most popular road trips from Bangalore. BR hills is an abode to Billigiri Rangaaswamy Temple and BRT Wildlife sanctuary. This range of hills is a deific conjuncture for the Eastern and the Western Ghats, thus opening myriad opportunities for forest adventures and sports.

Distance From Bangalore: 185 km

Distance from Bangalore: 168 km

Best Time: April to October

5 BR Hills Attractions

23. Shivagange, Karnataka

Shivagange, Karnataka
4.4 /5 View 13+ photos

Known For : Trekking in Shivagange Temples in Shivagange

Shivagange, a hillock situated 56 km from Bangalore, is a combination of temples and scenic beauty that makes it both a pilgrimage as well as an adventure spot. From a distance, the hillock looks like a 'Shiva Linga', with a spring flowing nearby that's locally called Ganga, thereby naming it Shivaganga.

Distance From Bangalore: 60 km

Distance from Bangalore: 29 km

Best Time: October to March

2 Shivagange Attractions

24. Madikeri, Karnataka

Madikeri, Karnataka
4.4 /5 View 18+ photos

Known For : Abbey Falls Talacauvery Namdroling Monastery

Generally covered as a part of trips to Coorg, Madikeri is a hill town in Karnataka with vast coffee plantations, lush forests and misty hills, all culminating into a breathtaking view. Located in Kodagu District around 6 hours from Bengaluru, Madikeri is a perfect weekend getaway. There is no pollution, no noise to hurt your ears and the cool breeze that accompanies you throughout makes your trip memorable.

Distance From Bangalore: 272 km

Distance from Bangalore: 268 km

Best Time: February to September

19 Madikeri Attractions

25. Srirangapatna, Karnataka

Srirangapatna, Karnataka
3.8 /5 View 23+ photos

Known For : Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Nimishambha Temple Dariya Daulat Bagh

Srirangapatna is a small island town in the Cauvery river in Karnataka. Located 18 kms from Mysore, the town is an architectural masterpiece of Hoysala and Vijayanagar styles evident in its monuments. One of the most important Vaishnavite centres of pilgrimage- the Ranganathaswamy temple, is the major attraction of the town which draws thousands of tourists every year. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is one of the largest of its kind.

Distance From Bangalore: 128 km

Distance from Bangalore: 125 km

Best Time: July to March

16 Srirangapatna Attractions

26. Galibore Fishing Camp

Galibore Fishing Camp
3.6 /5

Tucked away just over two hours from the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, the Galibore Fishing Camp is in the thick, luscious forests of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the perfect escape from the bustling city life. Nature lovers can enjoy the gorgeous view of the gushing Cauvery River over jagged rocks.

Distance From Bangalore: 103 km
Time Required : 1-2 days

Entry Fee : Indian: INR 5,575,
Foreigner: INR 6,459,
50% discount for kids between 5 and 12 years,
Kids below 5 years: Free

27. Dubare, Karnataka

Dubare, Karnataka
4.1 /5 View 14+ photos

Known For : Dubare Elephant Camp Nisargadhama Adventure Activities

Dubare is an untamed beauty, popular for its elephant training camp where visitors can watch, learn about and get involved in a number of activities with the elephants creating a unique, enjoyable and memorable experience. It has a hilly terrain with backwaters which are also the host of a number of activities such as trekking, fishing and rafting. Two most popular attractions are the Dubare Elephant Camp and Nisargadama. A natural island nestled by the Cauvery river, amidst forest and wildlife and a number of adventure activities, Dubare is an experience you shouldn't miss.

Distance From Bangalore: 253 km

Distance from Bangalore: 253 km

Best Time: September to May

6 Dubare Attractions

28. Anthargange, Karnataka

Anthargange, Karnataka
3.9 /5 View 12+ photos

Anthargange is situated in the Kolar district of Karnataka in the Shathashrunga range, about 70 km from Bangalore. The mountains at an altitude of 1712 meters from sea level with rocky boulders, small caves and dense plantations are one of the best getaways for trekking, rock climbing and cave exploration enthusiasts.

Distance From Bangalore: 70 km

Distance from Bangalore: 67 km

Best Time: October to March

2 Anthargange Attractions

29. Kemmanagundi, Karnataka

Kemmanagundi, Karnataka
4.3 /5 View 82+ photos

Known For : Hebbe Falls Kalahatti Falls Z Point

A hill-station of widespread views and scents of beautiful gardens, Kemmanagundi or KR hills, is home to the tallest peak of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri. These hills offer a perfect summer retreat for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The area also has trekking, nature walks, and picnics. The Royal Horticulture Society of Karnataka is located here and has some of the most beautiful gardens. 

Distance From Bangalore: 273 km

Distance from Bangalore: 262 km

Best Time: September to May

9 Kemmanagundi Attractions

30. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala
4.3 /5 View 13+ photos

Known For : Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Bhoothathankettu Dam

Located near Kothamangalam in Ernakulam on the northern bank of Periyar River, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is famous for its rich and varied birdlife. It is the first Bird Sanctuary in Kerala that was surveyed by Dr Salim Ali (the birdman of India), who also called it the richest habitat he has ever seen. This sanctuary came to light in the year 1983 on basis of recommendations made by this famous ornithologist.

Distance From Bangalore: 330 km

Distance from Bangalore: 555 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

2 Thattekad Attractions

31. Karkala, Karnataka - The Town of Black Stones

Karkala, Karnataka - The Town of Black Stones
4.7 /5 View 37+ photos

Known For : Chaturmukha Basadi Statue of Bahubali (Gomateshwara) Ramasamudra Lake

Karkala is a quaint town in the Udupi district of Karnataka. With great historical significance, it is blessed with several ancient temples and Jain Basadis. Deriving its name from the word 'Karikal' meaning 'black stone' it has an abundance of black granite in the area. The town also serves as an important religious centre for Jains and Hindus and has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Distance From Bangalore: 360 km

Best Time: September to March

10 Karkala Attractions

32. Belur

4.2 /5 View 19+ photos

Nestled on the banks of River Yagachi in Hassan District of Karnataka, the town of Belur along with its twin town of Halebid located 16 km away, houses exquisite temples reflecting the exemplary artistic taste and technique of temple builders of the yore. This small town was the capital of the mighty Hoysala empire and their engineering genius can still be witnessed in the temples that stand here today. Some of the important shrines that are housed here include Chennakesava Temple and Kappe Chennigaray, both of which are exemplary Dravidian pieces of architecture.

Distance From Bangalore: 220 km

Distance from Bangalore: 221 km

33. Hassan, Karnataka

Hassan, Karnataka
4.4 /5 View 25+ photos

Known For : Hoysala Temples at Mosale Shettihalli Church Bhagwan Bahubali Statue

Known as the temple-architecture capital of Karnataka, Hassan is located 187 km from Bangalore. Hassan derives its name from the presiding deity Goddess Hassanamba which in Kanada language mean 'Smiling mother'. Hassan saw its development as a major seat of Hoysala Empire that ruled major parts of South India. An example of the ancient glory of Hassan is the Shettyhalli Church which was built in the 18th century. In Mosale, Nageshwara and Channakeshava reflect the Hoysala architecture of the 12th century.

Distance From Bangalore: 187 km

Distance from Bangalore: 183 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

22 Hassan Attractions

34. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
4.1 /5 View 15+ photos

Located in the picturesque state of Karnataka, the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary in Srirangapatna is a haven for a wide array of bird species. It is the largest bird sanctuary in the state and comprises of six small islands on the banks of the river Kaveri. The beauty that finds a place here in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a sight to sore eyes. The scenery of the local vegetation and landscape, coupled with the colourful variety of wildlife makes it a unique learning experience for everyone. This destination offers many activities to its tourists; the most popular ones include bird watching, boating, and some good old nature photography.

Distance From Bangalore: 130 km

Distance from Bangalore: 129 km

35. Sringeri, Karnataka

Sringeri, Karnataka
4.8 /5 View 18+ photos

Known For : Sringeri Mutt Kigga Sharadamba Temple

Commonly known as Sri Kshetra Shringeri, Sringeri is a famed hill town nestled in the Chikkamagaluru District of Karnataka. It is a pilgrimage centre, mainly known for the Sharada Peetham which was built by the great Adi Shankara in the 9th century. According to experts, Adi Shankaracharya stayed here for 12 years and preached to his disciples. Packed with numerous temples and ancient relics, Sringeri is a hub for Vedic learning and it attracts students from different parts of India.

Distance From Bangalore: 320 km

Distance from Bangalore: 322 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

9 Sringeri Attractions

36. Kolar

5.0 /5

Known For : Someshwara Temple Kotilingeshwara Temple Kolar Gold Fields

Kolar is a city in Karnataka, around 55 km from Bengaluru. Famous for its gold mines and milk-production industry, Kolar has been an important hub of Karnataka since 350 CE. It is currently one of the largest milk producers in the world and the largest in South India. It is a historic town, once known as the sacred Avantika-Kshetra, famous for its religious temples and spots.

Distance From Bangalore: 66 km

Distance from Bangalore: 56 km

4 Kolar Attractions

37. Mekedatu


If you stay in Bangalore or are merely visiting the city and want to enjoy a picnic close to nature with your friends, Mekedatu should be on your bucket list. Situated in Kanakapura of Ramanagara district, Mekedatu is a site by a stretch of narrow, deep gorges through which the river Kaveri flows. The spot is steeped in folklore: with the name of the place meaning 'goat's leap' in Kannada and has an interesting mythical story attached with it. So, not only will you get the chance to spend time in nature, you'll be able to do so at a spot accorded great mythical significance.

Distance From Bangalore: 100 km

Distance from Bangalore: 99 km

38. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills
4.1 /5 View 5+ photos

Located near the southwestern border between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Horsley Hills refers to a hill station that is the perfect amalgam of the charms of Andhra Pradesh and the beauty of the hills. It is thus often called, the Ooty of Andhra. This natural marvel is situated at an astonishing height of 4312 metres and is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes.

Distance From Bangalore: 148 km

Distance from Bangalore: 143 km

39. Wayanad, Kerala

Wayanad, Kerala
4.3 /5 View 71+ photos

Known For : Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Chembra Peak

Replete with waterfalls, historical caves, comfortable resorts and homestays, Wayanad in Kerala is famous for its spice plantations and wildlife. Walking through the sprawling spice plantations, trekking to the pre-historic caves and experiencing a resort holiday are one of the many things you can do to get a taste of Wayanad.

Distance From Bangalore: 270 km

Distance from Bangalore: 276 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

34 Wayanad Attractions

40. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar, Kerala
4.5 /5 View 38+ photos

Known For : Munnar Tea Plantations Atukkad Waterfalls Rose Garden Munnar

Munnar is a popular hill-station of Kerala perched at an altitude of 1600 metres in the Western Ghats. Famous for its tea estates, various shades of green, blankets of mist, and craggy peaks, Munnar is aptly known as the 'Kashmir of South India'.

Distance From Bangalore: 477 km

Distance from Bangalore: 478 km

Best Time: September to May

48 Munnar Attractions

41. Jog Falls, Karnataka

Jog Falls, Karnataka
4.4 /5 View 18+ photos

The second-highest plunge waterfall in India, Jog Falls is a major tourist attraction in Karnataka and is the highest waterfall in the state. Second, to the Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya, Jog falls drops about a huge 253 m (850 ft. ) in a single fall. However, due to the construction of Linganamakki Dam which is a hydroelectricity plant close by, the flow in the falls is hugely restricted before monsoons. So, it is best to go during the Monsoon season to see the falls in their full form.

Distance From Bangalore: 402 km

Distance from Bangalore: 403 km

Best Time: July to December

9 Jog Falls Attractions

42. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
4.4 /5 View 25+ photos

Known For : Green Valley View (Suicide Point) Kodaikanal Lake Bear Shola Falls

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. A Lakeside resort town of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal has a beautiful climate, mist-covered manicured cliffs and waterfall that come together to create the ideal setting for a perfect getaway. Kodaikanal means 'the gift of the forests'.

Distance From Bangalore: 465 km

Distance from Bangalore: 465 km

Best Time: September to May

35 Kodaikanal Attractions

43. Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
4.5 /5 View 22+ photos

Known For : Sri Venkateswara Temple Akasaganga Teertham Silathoranam

Situated in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is known for Lord Venkateshwara Temple, one of the most visited pilgrimage centres in the country. Tirumala is one of the seven hills in Tirupati, where the main temple is located. The temple is believed to be placed where Lord Venkateshwara took the form of an idol and is hence. Home to the diety Govinda, Tirupati is one of the oldest cities of India and finds mention in plenty of ancient Vedas and Puranas.

Distance From Bangalore: 250 km

Distance from Bangalore: 251 km

Best Time: September to March

40 Tirupati Attractions

44. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
4.1 /5 View 23+ photos

Known For : Vydehi Falls Adiyogi Shiva Statue Kovai Kondattam

One of the largest cities of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is a major hub for industry, textiles, and manufacturing, and is also the gateway to several other tourist destinations in South India. However, there is a lot more to Coimbatore than just that. From ancient temples to classy new buildings, from breathtaking mountains to jaw-dropping waterfalls, from mouth-watering cuisine to pleasant weather all year round, Coimbatore has everything you could possibly need to make for a perfect holiday experience.

Distance From Bangalore: 364 km

Distance from Bangalore: 365 km

Best Time: September to March

27 Coimbatore Attractions

45. Pulicat

3.0 /5

Known For : Pulicat Lake

Pulicat or Pazhaverkadu is a seashore town in Tamil Nadu, known for its colonial history. The main attractions here are the Pulicat Lake, being the second biggest brackish water body in India and the Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. The small town still showcases the Dutch aesthetic in its churches, old buildings and tombs. An important seaport and commercial hub, Pulicat has contributed to the economy of Tamil Nadu immensely over the centuries.

Distance From Bangalore: 390 km

Distance from Bangalore: 392 km

1 Pulicat Attractions

46. Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh
5.0 /5 View 14+ photos

Known For : Chaitanya Jyoti Museum Sathya Sai Ashram Wish Fullfilling Tree

The holy abode of the legendary figure, Sathya Sai Baba, Puttaparthi is a town that takes you back to the days of ashrams and the ways of living in those times with an equal influence of the present. A tiny town in Andhra Pradesh, Puttaparthi has gained global fame as a centre of religious brilliance.

Distance From Bangalore: 154 km

Distance from Bangalore: 153 km

Best Time: September to February

13 Puttaparthi Attractions

47. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
3.9 /5 View 12+ photos

Known to be the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad, the area is home to a large variety of wild animals. This sanctuary is a part of the Nilgiri Bioreserve along with Nagarhole and Bandipur area of Karnataka. Promising an endearing view with plenty of experiences, the sanctuary has been declared a Project Elephant site. You can spot these animals roaming around freely if you drive along the road. Being a dense forest situated amidst the hills of western ghats, the kind of animals you can spot here would include Indian Bison, tigers, elephants, and deer, Panthers, jungle cats, civet cats, monkey, wild dogs, and bears. With the natural landscape and the wildlife it harbors, the sanctuary attracts photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Distance From Bangalore: 240 km

Distance from Bangalore: 240 km

Best Time: October to May

48. Bellikkal, Tamil Nadu

Bellikkal, Tamil Nadu
4.5 /5

Bellikkal is one of those places where you can completely relax, without having to worry about a 'to-do' list for your vacations and yet experience mountains that will steal your breath away. Instead of having a hundred places to offer, it will take you by its beauty, calmness and serenity.

Distance From Bangalore: 312 km

Distance from Bangalore: 258 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

49. Bodinayakkanur

3.8 /5

Bodinayakkanur is a town in Theni famous for its scenic beauty. Despite being a Tamil town, the elevation of 1,158 ft. makes for pleasant weather throughout the year. While cash crops grow here in plenty, it also boasts of spice plantations and is known as the Cardamom capital of India. Lush forests in steep-cut rocky mountains are picturesque beyond compare. Many Tamil films have also been shot here. Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru called Bodinayakkanur 'South Kashmir'.

Distance From Bangalore: 460 km

Distance from Bangalore: 392 km

50. Talakadu

4.2 /5 View 16+ photos

Nestled on the banks of River Kaveri, the town of Talakadu in Karnataka is a mystic place submerged in the sand of extremely fine quality. Steeped with rich past and heritage, it is famous for its Vaidyanatheshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The place derives its name from two local chieftains Tala and Kada and thus is called Talakadu. Situated only 3 hours drive from Bangalore, this is an ideal place for history buffs and for the devotees of Lord Shiva.  With a rich past and heritage, the town is also quite famous among the devotees who come here for special worship.

Distance From Bangalore: 131 km

Distance from Bangalore: 131 km

51. Koli Hills

Koli Hills
4.0 /5

With an ominous name which means 'Mountain of Death', Koli Hills are a mountain range located in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. It is relatively untouched by commercial tourism and therefore has retained most of its natural magnificence.

Distance From Bangalore: 297 km

Distance from Bangalore: 288 km

52. Malampuzha, Kerala

Malampuzha, Kerala
3.9 /5 View 14+ photos

Known For : Thread Garden, Malampuzha Udan Khatola Malampuzha Dam

Malampuzha in Palakkad district a place with rich lush green vegetation popular for its scenic beauty as well as the dams and exotic wildlife that it offers as tourist attractions.

Distance From Bangalore: 413 km

Distance from Bangalore: 423 km

Best Time: August to April

8 Malampuzha Attractions

53. Valparai

4.8 /5

Situated at 1500m above sea level in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, Valparai is an offbeat yet tranquil hill station in the Anamalai Hills. Its alluring picturesque sights entice tourists from all over the country making it one of the sought-after destinations in the south of Western Ghats.

Distance From Bangalore: 463 km

Distance from Bangalore: 458 km

54. Horanadu, Karnataka

Horanadu, Karnataka
4.7 /5 View 10+ photos

Known For : Annapoorneshwari Temple Kalaseshwara Temple

Known for the revered Annapoorneeshwari Temple, Horanadu is a holy Hindu town located in Malnad, Karnataka. Carpeted with green paddy fields and accompanied by a hilly backdrop, this region lies at an altitude of 2726 feet. With pristine natural beauty, Horanadu is also famous for its extensive collection of dry fruits, cashew nuts and almonds along with tea, coffee and spice markets. All this can be bought here at much cheaper rates than in the cities.

Distance From Bangalore: 315 km

Distance from Bangalore: 316 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

2 Horanadu Attractions

55. Anaimalai Hills

Anaimalai Hills
3.0 /5

Anaimalai Hills or Anamala Hills are a range of mountains that form the southern border of the Western Ghats, through Tamil Nadu and Kerala. While they are famous for the highest peak in South India, the lower slopes boast expansive tea & coffee plantations. Rosewood, Sandalwood, Teak and Sago Palms form dense monsoon forests in this region. It is a popular trekking destination in South India - a wispy escape from tropical heat.

Distance From Bangalore: 470 km

Distance from Bangalore: 469 km

56. Velliangiri Hills

Velliangiri Hills
3.0 /5

The Velliangiri Hills or 'Sapthagiri' are located in Tamil Nadu at the border of the Coimbatore District and Palakkad District, Kerala. Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Sapthagiri or Seven Hills are a scenic, sacred adventure that commemorate Lord Shiva and Vishnu amidst nature and wildlife. River Noyyal originates from here and is a major tributary of River Kaveri. At the highest point of these hills, Shiva is worshipped as Swayambhu - The Self Manifesting God.

Distance From Bangalore: 403 km

Distance from Bangalore: 404 km

57. Gandikota

4.6 /5

Endearingly known as the 'Grand Canyon of India', Gandikota is a village in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. Flanked by River Pennar on the right side, the village is popular for the spectacular gorges formed by the river cutting through Erramala Hills. The narrow valleys with streams running between them and the steep rocky walls to give them company reminds one of the renowned Grand Canyon in Arizona. It requires a walk of almost a kilometer from the main gate to reach the boulder from where you can observe the mesmerizing view from the viewpoint near the fort.

Distance From Bangalore: 280 km

Distance from Bangalore: 282 km

58. Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu
4.0 /5 View 10+ photos

Known For : Hogenakkal Falls Mettur Dam Melagiri Hills

Hogenakkal is a waterfall located in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu where the Kaveri river splits into multiple streams of waterfalls. Located at a distance of 180 km from Bangalore, Hogenakkal has water throughout the year. The carbonite rocks, the coracle (basket boat) rides, freshwater fish, oil massages by locals make it a perfect one day trip or a weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Distance From Bangalore: 127 km

Distance from Bangalore: 128 km

Best Time: October to March

9 Hogenakkal Attractions

59. Kukke Subramanya, Karnataka

Kukke Subramanya, Karnataka
4.2 /5 View 8+ photos

Known For : Kukke Subramanya Temple Sringeri Mutt Kumara Parvatha Trek

Known for the Kukke Subramanya temple with Subramanya, lord of all serpents as the deity, Kukke Subramanya is a village with beautiful landscapes all around. Placed on the banks of the river Kumaradhara, this village is a pleasant mix of natural beauty and religious sanctity. It is most well known for its religious attractions, with quite a few temples in the area. It is also a tourist spot owing to the lush green forests, rivers, and mountains that surround these temples.

Distance From Bangalore: 280 km

Distance from Bangalore: 275 km

Best Time: July to March

10 Subramanya Attractions

60. Tholpetty, Kerala

Tholpetty, Kerala
4.3 /5 View 13+ photos

Known For : Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Papanashini

Replete with natural forest and wildlife reserves, Tholpetty is a part of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Around 20 kilometres away from Mananthavady, this region is known for its abundant flora and fauna. It is the home to several species of wild animals and birds including leopards, bears, monkeys, elephants, tigers, langurs, and more. The night safari is one of the main highlights of Tholpetty. It offers ample opportunities to visitors to spot the wild creatures in their natural habitat.

Distance From Bangalore: 232 km

Distance from Bangalore: 232 km

Best Time: October to March

5 Tholpetty Attractions

61. Malappuram, Kerala

Malappuram, Kerala
4.3 /5 View 22+ photos

Known For : Bharathapuzha River Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary Keraladeshpuram Temple

Enclosed by the Nilgiris in the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, Malappuram is a prominent district in Kerala which is commonly known as "the land on the hilltop."

Distance From Bangalore: 335 km

Distance from Bangalore: 334 km

Best Time: July to March

21 Malappuram Attractions

62. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
3.8 /5 View 28+ photos

Known For : Emerald Lake, Yercaud Pagoda Point Botanical Garden, Yercaud

Nestled in the Shivaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a tranquil hill station in the Eastern Ghats steeped in abundant greenery. The Yercaud region has a history dating back to the time of the British. Located at an altitude of 4970 feet, Yercaud is known for its vast expanses of coffee plantations. A paradise for nature lovers, this quaint town is an ideal place to experience nature at its enchanting best.

Distance From Bangalore: 206 km

Distance from Bangalore: 230 km

Best Time: October to June

20 Yercaud Attractions

63. Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
4.6 /5 View 10+ photos

Known For : Yaganti Belum Caves Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary

A place of much historical value with beautiful surrounding areas, Kurnool, is a small town in Andhra Pradesh where much of history left its imprints. The city also is known as The Gateway of Rayalaseema.

Distance From Bangalore: 358 km

Distance from Bangalore: 358 km

Best Time: December to February

30 Kurnool Attractions

64. Karwar, Karnataka - The Queen of Konkan Coast

Karwar, Karnataka - The Queen of Konkan Coast
4.2 /5 View 44+ photos

Known For : Kurumgad Island Sadashivgad Fort Devbagh Beach

Karwar is a port city with scenic beaches surrounded by casuarinas trees along the Arabian sea coastline. Located 15kms away from Goa, on the west coast of Indian Peninsula, It is both a natural harbour as well as a town with a history that goes back to the 15th century.

Distance From Bangalore: 512 km

Best Time: November to Apr

22 Karwar Attractions

65. Burude Falls

Burude Falls
3.4 /5

Burude Falls is located in the Western Ghats of India, about 20 kilometres away from the quaint town of Siddapur in the northern part of Karnataka. The waterfall is famous for its breathtaking beauty and mesmerising surroundings which consist of lush green forests. These forests are a favourite among medium to advanced level trekkers. The waterfall gets frequent local visitors due to its proximity to Siddapur and is famous as a picnic spot. This remote waterfall offers a stunning panoramic view from the top of the Western Ghats.

Distance from Bangalore: 428 km

66. Bheemeshwari, Karnataka - A Getaway for Fishing & Bird Watching

Bheemeshwari, Karnataka - A Getaway for Fishing & Bird Watching
3.3 /5 View 18+ photos

Known For : Cauvery Fishing Camp Doddamakali Nature Camp Boat Rides in Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari, a small town in Karnataka's Mandya district, is popular as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts as it is home to the Mahseer fishes - one of the finest game fish in the world. This town is tranquil and is the perfect getaway for a short trip from Bangalore. Due to its proximity with the Cauvery River and its extensive forest cover with a variety of flora and fauna, Bheemeshwari is visited by adventure lovers and bird watchers for boating, adventure camps, trekking up the hills and its varied species of birds present here. 

Distance From Bangalore: 105 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

8 Bheemeshwari Attractions

67. Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh
4.2 /5 View 9+ photos

Known For : Veerabhadra Temple Lepakshi Temple Nandi Bull and Paintings

Lepakshi is a small quaint village with a trail of several great kingdoms that once ruled the area. Located in the Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh, Lepakshi is located at a distance of 120 km from Bangalore making it a great choice for one day trip. Founded in 1535 AD by Maharaja Aliya Rama Raya of the Vijayanagara empire, Lepakshi is a trove of several fascinating archaeological sites, beautiful ancient temples and rich culture.

Distance From Bangalore: 123 km

Best Time: September to February

4 Lepakshi Attractions

There is no shortage of places to visit near Bangalore that will offer fantastic options for those looking for any kind of escape, be it a culturally enriching one or a luxurious staycation, or anything in between.

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