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Siddhant Francis

1 year ago
Amazing city with historic architecture and modern infrastructure along with multiculturalism, metro is also very well built. This city is going to expand very quickly.


3 years ago
Thanks for this amazing information, more information.

Fazal Ahmad

3 years ago
it is an important place of worship for the Muslims who come here every year to celebrate the religious festival of Muharram. The Imambara is primarily known for its incredible maze.

Fazal Ahmad

on Husainabad Clock Tower 3 years ago
Gajab ki place hai yaar. Must Visit.

Virusism #

3 years ago
Lucknow ki Shaan... Hamari Jaan. Bhool bhulaiya is good and must visit. Architecture wise nice to see but getting worn off. Go atleast once if you have time in Lucknow. I don't think so you will reme (Read More)mber any history but a guide is a must.

Aftab Alam

on Bara Imambara 3 years ago
I visited recently BARA IMAM BARA..... amazing place... So Beautiful garden...... And Bhool Bhulaiya was fantastic...... Beautiful and wonderful place.... You should must visit to see it's beauty

Great Entrepreneur

on Bara Imambara 3 years ago
Hi there, I like your content about Bara Imambara and that was so amazing to visit it and I love to be there. "Link Hidden"

gauranshi srivastava

on Bara Imambara 4 years ago
The Bara Imambara is a part of the heritage walk in Lucknow. I visited the place in November which is a pleasant time in Uttar Pradesh. Winter is the best season to explore the heritage walk of the c (Read More)ity. Definitely visit the Chhota Imambada and chowk nearby and indulge in exquisite Lucknawi cuisine and chikankari. Having a guide will help since the Imamabada is famous for its labyrinth. The monument is huge with a large number of staircases, so it would be a good idea to carry water with you.

madhuri dhawan

4 years ago
Lucknow is good as long as you dont need to talk to the local crowd here. The tehzeeb of the city of nawabs is lost with time. People here are rude and would always look at tourists as targets that t (Read More)hey could loot. From rickshaw pullers to shopkeepers to people on the road you talk to inorder to get directions or for any queries, do not expect any good .All in all if u plan a trip to lucknow, from personal experience i would suggest to look for other options which could be far more better than this place. Places definitely NOT to go if you dont want to ruin your mood on the trip - Imambada - guides and security people here will not only treat you like you are unwanted there but will also force you to pay money for unnecessary guides after you buy the entry ticket. If you say no they wont let you enter and will throw you out. Guni sunshine chikan art - the staff here welcomes you first but when you dont like their stuff they will abuse you. Incase you buy anything and then ask for any other service their behaviour will flip as if now you are not a customer but a liability that they want out as soon as possible . Save your money and time and find much much better places to visit in India than lucknow.

The Shayan Mitra Story

4 years ago
Enjoy Kebabs in the land of Nawabs....Call this amazing tour guide who is reasonably priced & very knowledgeable. He will take you through the city's beautiful tapestry of monuments ...old & (Read More)new . Lal : 99352-94329

Surbhi Parashar

4 years ago
Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is naturally the city of Adabs and Tehjeebs (manners and hospitality). Situated on the banks of the Gomti River, Lucknow is famous for its culture, food, heritage and its (Read More)traditional dance form Kathak. Remnants of its rich historical and cultural past are well displayed here through the architectural designs, the handicrafts and the typical Lucknowi way of life. Lucknow was a symbol of Hindi-Muslim-Sikh harmony and is hub of Urdu, Hindi and many Hindustani Languages. The Hindi spoken here is considered to be the purest and most beautiful form of Hindi. Lucknow is also famous for its sweets, kebabs and other Mughlai delicacies. Most places of tourist attractions here relate to the Mughal era and are historical in nature. The various architectural styles and brilliant monuments make Lucknow a historians delight.

Medhavee Pravin

4 years ago
I visit Lucknow, the city of Nawabs quite frequently. It is a paradise for the history enthusiasts because it is a mix of both Mughal as well as Victorian era architecture. Lucknow has monuments like (Read More) the Bada Imambara which consists of the Bhool Bhulaiya, Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Moti Mahal, Jama Masjid, Clock Tower of Lucknow and the British Residency. While visiting these places, I carried plenty of water and we also hired a guide to help us. New Lucknow is pretty developed with malls, the Lucknow Marine Drive, beautiful parks like the Gomti River front Park, Ambedakar Park, Lohia Park and Janeshwar Mishra Park. I especially love Lucknow for its food; Ranging from delicious kebabs and biryani to yummy chaat and delicious sweets. My mom and I also bought kurtas as well as saaris in Zardozi work and Chikan kaari. Hazratganj is one place that offers food as well as a lot of shopping. Lucknow is indeed the best of both worlds!

??? ????????

on Bara Imambara 4 years ago
An awesome and historical place to visit. This is such a beautiful building and view of garden is fantabulous! Just loved it. If one wants to see the beauty of Lucknow, this is the best place for tha (Read More)t.

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Q. What are some must eats in Lucknow?

Shashwat Kant

4 years ago
Tunday Kababs - Have Galouti Kababs and boti kababs here, and you'll want to keep coming back. Try Idris ki Biryani, which is a small shack-like shop in Chowk, Lucknow - it is a delight for non veggi (Read More)es. If you can manage a trip during Ramadan, the food is just great. Try the Lucknow Specials Shahi Tukda and Phirni as well.

Q. I am planning to go to Lucknow from Kolkata. Time of travel: 8th Jun (starting from Kolkata) Time of arrival back to kolkata- by 13th Jun Please suggest places where all we can go,,, kind of a map may be?


4 years ago
Please refer to the Places to Visit Tab above. A map has been charted with all the tourist places. Depending on your date of arrival in Lucknow, your accommodation, and your modes of transport, you w (Read More)ill be able to plan accordingly.
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