12 Marvelous Shopping Destinations in Bodrum

Bodrum is among the most notable coastal areas and one of Turkey's most magnificent tourist areas. The shopping scene in Bodrum is surprisingly varied. There are weekly markets that operate each day of the week in various regions of this city and offer fresh, locally-sourced products. These provide a cultural experience for travellers. As you walk through the narrow alleys of Bodrum Town Centre, you will be naturally attracted by the charming boutiques, quirky bookstores, and leather shops. Also, modern shopping centres have various international shopping and dining options in a single place. You will come across a sweeping range of traditional Turkish items in Bodrum to shop, such as onyx vases and bowls, mosaic lanterns, clothes, carpets, jewellery, footwear, bags, and more.  

Here are the 12 most famous destinations where you can shop in Bodrum.

1. Bodrum City Centre - Old Town Area Shopping

Old Town Shopping Area
Shopping in the Bodrum city center is indeed a pleasure. The Old Town of Bodrum lies in the heart of the Bodrum Peninsula, right behind St. Peter’s Castle. The pedestrian shopping area begins near the Kale Caddesi and runs all across the Cumhuriyet Caddesi. You must visit the shopping area within the old town for a glimpse of the traditional bazaars of Turkey. Various shops are operating in the streets between the whitewashed buildings, selling different kinds of goods, from leather sandals, woven rugs, clothes, bags, fake designer watches, and handmade souvenirs to fresh fruits & vegetables. Carpets, leather, jewellery, and souvenir shops are there on both sides of principal streets like Cumhuriyet. Here, you will get products at competitive prices. Notably, you should seek out unique double-knotted traditional Turkish carpets or kilims that are saturated with the tradition of Turkey and epitomize different faces of its culture. 
Location: Cumhuriyeti Cd., Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey
Specialty: Leather goods & Turkish carpets or kilims

2. Bodrum Street Bazaars

Bodrum Street Bazaars
Bodrum Street bazaars are some of the leading locations in the city for shopping on a budget. These markets are organized in different regions of Bodrum city on different days of the week. It is suggested to gain info on it from your local guide. You will find myriad items within this arbitrary arrangement of shops and stalls, including different kinds of textile products, hand-weaved Milas fabrics, fashion goods, clothing & shoes, imitation brands, artisanal souvenirs, and fashion accessories, and much more. Notably, the prices here are lower than in the usual shops. You may need to bargain hard with the vendors who expect a stiff negotiation. You may miss the designer boutiques & elite malls in Bodrum but do not miss exploring these vibrant bazaars.

Pro Tip - During shopping in open-air markets of Bodrum, you should expect to pay half to one-third of the initial price informed by the vendor. You should start with a low bargain and let the vendor persuade or flatter you to pay a genuine and appropriate price.
Specialty: Fashion items, clothing, and souvenirs

3. Ortakent Farmers’ Market

Ortakent Farmers’ Market
If you want to purchase seasonal local produce, you should visit the Ortakent Farmers’ Market (Ortakent Pazari) in Bodrum. A market is set at Ortakent each Wednesday. Here, you will find fresh fruits & vegetables, dried goods, nuts, honey, meat, eggs, and dairy products, including cheese, milk, etc., from local farmers & villagers. Various authentic Turkish spices are also sold here that you can buy as souvenirs. The Ortakent Market has evolved into a new covered market at a new location on the side of the village beach, with small shops & stalls operating in a congested street. After walking around the entire indoor market, visitors can have some hot lahmacun here (flatbread topped with minced meat, veggies, & herbs).
Location: Muskebi Caddesi Ortakentyahsi mahallesi, 48420 Bodrum
Open: Wednesday - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Specialty: Fresh Local produce in a covered market

4. Yalikavak Market

Yalikavak Market
The Yalikavak Market is an open-air market area that you can explore before visiting one of the beaches of Yalikavak. This Market lies in Yalikavak town, around a 30-minute drive from this coastal city. The bazaar stalls are open every Thursday. Here, you can buy some fresh produce to enjoy at the beach. Other than this, you can sample items from the cheese vendors strolling around or buy some dried fruits, nuts, & seeds that are ideal for picnics. At Yalikavak market, you should visit Orman Zeytincilik, a vendor selling different types of olives stuffed with almonds, lemon rind, oranges, garlic, etc. Also, the food stalls serve fresh bread and desserts. Here, you must try a traditional savoury gözleme. 
Location: Yalıkavak, Şeyhül İslam Ömer Lütfi Cad. No:17, 48990 Bodrum
Open: Thursday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Things to buy: Snacks for your beach picnic

5. Turgutreis Market

Turgutreis Market
The second largest town of the Bodrum peninsula is Turgutreis which offers long sandy beaches & the sun. Since this seaside town hosts one of the biggest markets in Bodrum, it is also a splendid spot for shopping. Turgutreis Market is an open-air market every Saturday. It features a complete range of fruit & vegetables, cheese, olive oil, wild herbs, and other ingredients for preparing traditional cuisine. Also, it has areas apportioned for clothing and textiles. Near Turgutreis marina, the streets feature neat-looking stalls that offer handmade jewellery, artisanal pottery, and paintings. Besides, many fabric stalls with great variety are there amid this large market. Carpets or Kilims from Milas are also available here. 
Location: Turgutreis, 48960 Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey
Open: Saturday: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Things to buy: Food & Souvenirs

6. Milta Bodrum Marina Shopping Centre

The Bodrum Milta Marina Shopping Centre is situated on the west of the Bodrum Castle at Salmakis Bay. You must follow Neyzen Tevfik Street to the west side of this bay, and you will enter this popular market at the spectacular Bodrum Marina. It has a collection of designer wear, fashion accessories, and home decor shops lined parallel to the Bodrum Marina. As known to all, the Bodrum Market is the place to shop for fake designer wear (copies). Contrastingly, the Marina is the market where you can shop for original designer wears. This market has designer boutiques extending a new and elite facet to Bodrum. You will find upscale stores, including Paul & Shark, Mudo, Gant, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Diesel, & more.
Location: Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No.5, Bodrum
Specialty: Designer Clothes

7. Oasis Mall

Oasis Mall
Oasis Mall (Oasis Shopping and Cultural Centre) is located on the Bodrum–Gumbet main road, just at the crossroads. The Oasis is a shopping center that can be considered the neutral territory or midpoint between the fake designer items offered at the open-air Bodrum markets and the original designer items sold at the Marina. Besides the casual fashion stores, the Oasis Mall also embraces 17 dining options & outdoor play area for kids. Notably, this shopping center has a selection of more than 200 shops that are extended over two floors. There are cafés, restaurants, a sports club, ten-pin bowling, and a cinema too. Though it is easy to walk to Oasis Mall from Bodrum city center, a big hill is in your way. Hence, it is advised to rather catch a dolmus that will quickly drop you there.
Location: Cumhuriyet, Gümbet Mahallesi Emin Alter Bulvarı, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Sk. no:208, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Specialty: Modern shopping needs

8. Midtown Shopping Centre

Midtown Shopping Centre
Midtown Shopping Centre is nestled in the Ortakentyahşi district. It is an upscale two-story mall featuring a wide variety of stores for everyone in air-conditioned comfort. You can take a break from the outdoor heat by indulging yourself in shopping & recreational activities. Remarkably, you will find international retailers at Midtown like Decathlon, H&M, Mango, etc. Besides, there are opticians, drugstores, and a huge Carrefour supermarket as well. You can also enjoy a bite in the food court that embraces fast-food chains and kiosks offering local and global cuisines. For some recreation, you can watch a blockbuster movie in the cinema and let your children enjoy it in the kids' play area.
Location: Ortakentyahşi, Cumhuriyet Cd. No.6, 48420 Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

9. Avenue Mall

Avenue Mall Shopping Centre
Avenue Mall is Bodrum's newest popular shopping & entertainment destination, situated in the Konacık (Konadzhik) district. Opened in May 2013, it embraces shopping outlets, a huge Migros supermarket, and an IKEA store. The renowned Swedish giant IKEA operates a mini-ordering store and a delivery point at this mall. Besides, there are various home decor retailers and casual dining options here. This shopping center was inaugurated with grand plans to give stiff competition to the commercial Midtown shopping center by offering high-end wares. It also has a Starbucks. It is expected to attract more upmarket businesses to locate here.
Location: Çırkan Mahallesi, Atatürk Blv. No: 25 D:29, 48400 Bodrum
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

10. Ocean Jewellery 

Ocean Jewellery
Ocean Jewellery is the most well-established and prestigious jeweller in Gumbet, Bodrum. They are specialized in custom-made jewellery. If you are seeking elegant customized jewellery to buy, this is the place to go. Over the past years, their cordial staff and prompt customer service have kept customers visiting again and again. Remarkably, Ocean Jewellery features a wide selection of ornaments like necklaces, earrings, and rings at different price levels. Still, if you want something unique, you can order a customized piece created as per your choice and budget. Their team will stay connected to you for the customizing process, from designing the piece to the end result, sharing the progress along the way so that you get exactly what you ordered.
Location: Gümbet, Adnan Menderes Cd. 20/A, 48400 Bodrum, Muğla
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
USP: A Family-run jewelry store that specializes in customized jewelry

11. Moden Leather Shop

Moden Leather Shop
Moden Leather Shop is one of the best leather clothing stores in Bodrum. Its speciality is that it offers genuine leather clothing. You must visit this shop for a stylish yet warm leather jacket for the winter season. It is just a 12-minute walk away from the Bodrum city center. There is a broad range of superior-quality leather jackets in town sold throughout the year at attractive prices. You will get leather jackets in varied colours and designs. They have edgy leather bomber jackets, leather biker jackets, shearling leather hoodies, and fur puffer jackets. The high quality of the leather at reasonable prices entices locals and tourists. Visit the Moden Leather Shop if you want to buy durable winter wear. 
Location: Çarşı, Cumhuriyet Cd. No.75, 48400 Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey
Open: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 12:30 AM
Specialty: Stylish leather jackets 

12. Etrim Halicilik

Etrim Halicilik
Etrim Halicilik is a shopping store in Bodrum that offers a unique and marvellous experience to its visitors. It is one of the top retailers of hand-woven and plain-woven Turkish carpets and kilims. You should definitely visit this store to see the magnificent carpets with intricate hand-knotted work made by the women of Etrim Village and the neighbouring villages. Strom Hali brings carpets from several villages in Turkey. All of them are made with natural sheep wool that is woven by village women on the carpet looms set up in their homes. Also, they use natural root dyes for them. This store can be described as an integrated village having an assortment of things. At Etrim Halı, you can buy Turkish handmade carpets, rugs, pillows, runners, throw pillows, and tablecloths. All these products embrace the handwork of skilled village women.
Location: Etrim Mah. Mumcular, 48440 Bodrum
Open: Monday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Specialty: Hand-woven Traditional Turkish Carpets
You will get considerable shopping opportunities in Bodrum with popular street markets & antique and handicraft shops, boutique stores, supermarkets, & shopping malls in Bodrum. The famous Bodrum sandals, colourful sea shells, natural sponges, handicrafts, and quality clothes are some of the most popular shopping items for which you can crack a great deal on your trip to Bodrum. It is a pleasant shopping experience in Bodrum, often involving brunch and afternoon coffees. So, on your next trip to Bodrum, do not miss a chance to visit its ever-popular markets!

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