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Maredumilli, Rajahmundry Overview

Part of one of the premium eco-tourism projects of the country, Maredumilli is a terrain of undulating plains, evergreen forests and rich biodiversity. Located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, which is known for its rivers, ravines and lush greeneries, Maredumilli is a paradise for the nature lover, for the adventure seeker and for the offbeat traveller. The resort, officially named Valmiki Valley Vana Vihara Sthali, is an enchanting nest of nature’s finest, offering its visitors the most authentic, organic experiences. With dense woods and the smell of the wild enveloping the region, an exploding count of flora and fauna, sparkling rapids gushing down the slopes and crevices and exciting campsites to explore, Maredumilli is sincerely one of the best destinations to pick from in Andhra Pradesh, to spend a weekend away from the madding city crowds and the monotony of your everyday life.

While at Maredumilli, you will have opportunities to see and visit some unique locations, which are rare and hard to find otherwise. On the top of the list is Nandanavanam Ethno Medical Awareness Centre. Maredumilli is known for its extensive collection of medicinal plants, and this site is only a further effort to spread public awareness about the benefits of indigenous medicinal plants. You can take a round here and find the names of more than a hundred herbs and plants, both local and brought in from Orissa and regions of Western Ghats, with great healing properties.

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Things to do

You can pay a visit to the APFDC coffee and pepper plantations, which are located near Nandanavanam. Here, you can see from close quarters how your favourite spice and beverage are grown, cultivated and reaped in perfectly scientific manners. You will also find mango groves, banana trees and orchids in these plantations, as an added bonus for the fans of wild flora. For even holier experiences surrounding wild flora, you can visit Karthika Vanam, which is an area with sacred plantations like Banyan, amla, peepal, neem and bael. Here is also an open laboratory here where scientists and biologists study and research varieties of medicinal herbs and plants.

If you are looking for a spot to spend the day relaxing and picnicking in nature’s lap, then Madan Kunj-Vihara Sthal is ideal for the purpose. Here you will find pine trees and clumps of Golden Bamboo amidst flora, and animals like tiger, bison, panther, wild bears, jungle fowls, peacocks, kingfishers, hornbills and many other exotic birds amidst fauna to feast your eyes upon.

Last but not the least, there is the Jungle Star camping site, spread over hillocks, grasslands and scattered forests. The place is not only a great opportunity to enjoy overnight stay in the deep forests of Maredumilli, but it has a historical and mythological significance as well. Located along the Valamuru River, this place is said to the ground where Ramayana characters Bali and Sugriva battled for the throne of Kishkindha. The Bali-Sugriva Konda is a major attraction here, and there are also opportunities of trekking through the woods, enjoying tribal music and dance performances or just enjoy the serenity of the jungle in the bosom of nature.

How to reach Maredumilli

To reach, the easiest accessible way is the Bhadrachalam Road from Rajahmundry, which is a little more than 80 kilometres away from Maredumilli. Before leaving, make sure to visit some of the beautiful waterfalls around like Jalatarangini, Swarnadhara and Rampa, and try out the exquisite local delicacy, bamboo chicken.

  • Air: The nearest airport is at Rajahmundry which is 85 km from Maredumilli. One can easily hire a cab for a whole day or catch a bus towards Bhadrachalam and get down at Maredumilli.

  • Rail: The nearest rail head is at Rajahmundry from where you can easily hire a taxi or catch a bus for Maredumilli.

  • Road: Maredumilli lies on the Bhadrachalam Road which connects it to various parts of the state. It well connected by state and private buses.

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