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"The Paradise on Earth"

Srinagar Tourism

Famously known as 'Heaven on Earth, Srinagar is located in the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir, on the banks of river Jhelum. Srinagar is known for the stationary houseboats and gondola-type rowboats- Shikaras on Dal Lake. Adorned with tranquil Dal Lake & Nigeen Lake, Srinagar is the dream destination for honeymoon and family holidays.

The tourists use Shikaras to see attractions like the Floating Vegetable Market and the Mir Bahris – a lively community of people who live on the lake itself. In addition, there are a lot of houseboats that provide a beautiful and unique stay experience on the lake. Srinagar is home to some of India's most exquisite Mughal-age gardens, with the top attractions being Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and Chashm-E-Shahi Garden. It is also home to Asia's largest tulip garden.

Kashmiri cuisine or Wazwan is famous all over the globe. So when in Srinagar, trying out the local dishes, which are rich in unique fragrant spices, is a must. Srinagar is also famous for the Kashmiri shawls, Kashmiri apples, and dried fruits (almonds and walnuts) from the Lal Chowk Market.

Heavy snowfall affects the connectivity of Srinagar during the winter months of December to February. Communal tensions also lead to frequent curfews in some parts of the city; however, things have improved in the past few years. So, make sure to check the situation before visiting.

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Shikara Ride in Srinagar

Shikara rides are traditional long boat rides taken along the Dal lake in Srinagar. These gondola-shaped rowing vessels are used for casual tourism purposes. Besides, it is also as a great mode of water transport to various in Kashmir.

Shikara rides are locally used for fishing and seaweed harvesting as well. A typical 3 to 4 hour ride would cost at least INR 100 per person. However, these bargainable prices are subject to the season, with the high season being anywhere between INR 400 and INR 1500. 

Culture of Srinagar

Most of the people are lured by the elegant lifestyle of Srinagar, medieval-looking backstreets and glistering white Himalayan villages. The eclectic culture and rich heritage of Sringara emerged from the Indo – Aryan Civilization years ago. The stunning town also bears the cultural aspects of Islam which is prevalent in the food, traditions and lifestyle of the locals.

  • The people of Srinagar are great craftsmen who practice many of the lost art forms in the world.
  • Most of the population constitutes of Hindus and Muslims, as common languages spoken are Koshur, Kashmiri and Hindi.
  • Women wear a colourful sweater made dresses and men wear gurgabi.
  • Religion in Srinagar is very diverse, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism are commonly followed by the people. Muslims are divided into two major groups – Shias and Sunnis. 

Mughal Gardens in Srinagar

The aesthetics of Mughal gardening was brought into Kashmir during the 1300s. The existing Hindu gardens earned a new shade of Mughlai features, thus enduring the art of gardening. These present-day green spaces hold a special credibility to the Mughal emperor Jahangir who is said to have loved Kashmir boundlessly.

The prominent Mughal gardens in Srinagar include the famous Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashma Shahi, Pari Mahal and Verinag Mahal. Each of these well-maintained gardens have their own elements of unparalleled beauty and exquisite flora such as the Chinar trees. Most of these gardens house fountains, while some even have public baths within.

History Of Srinagar

The name Srinagar originated from two Sanskrit words – ‘Sri’ meaning wealth and ‘Nagar’ which means city. Prehistoric people used to refer Srinagar as ‘Siri – nagar’ which was a local alteration of ‘Surya – nagar’ or City of Sun.

King Pravarasena II found Srinagar almost 2000 years ago, formerly named Parvasenpur. Soon it became a part of the Mughal Empire, one of the largest Empires on India at that time. After the disintegration of Mughals, Srinagar was under the control of Durranis who ruled for several decades on the valley.

In 1947, the struggle to gain dominance over Srinagar started between India and Pakistan. This led to the beginning of the Indo – Pak War. United Nations started ceasefire on the situation due to which some parts of Kashmir went into the territory which is now called ‘Azad Kashmir’. The rest of the territory is an integral part of India and tells its story through the glorious beauty of its land to all the travellers.

Land of Kashmiri Handicrafts

  • Srinagar is very well-known for the Kashmiri handicrafts comprising of world-famous Pashmina and Kashmiri shawls and scarves.
  • It is also popular for the handiwork and souvenirs made with wooden carving and products made out of walnut wood.
  • The other things Srinagar is known for are locally-made silver jewellery, intricately designed wicker baskets, papier mache, exotic spices, and the famed Kashmiri carpets.
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Restaurants and Local Food in Srinagar

The Kashmiri cuisine prevalent in Srinagar is a smorgasbord of dishes that are rich, unique and significant enough to create a food culture around themselves. The traditional Kashmiri wazwan is a feast often prepared on the festivals and for welcoming the guests and can have dozens of courses.

Kashmiri food is mild in taste and rich in flavour with the high use of hot spices like cardamom, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and saffron. Influenced by Mughals, Kashmiri cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian, with mutton, chicken or fish used as prime ingredients, though the vegetarian dishes are equally palatable.

The local cuisine include tabak maz, or flat pieces of meat cut from the ribs and fried till they acquire a crisp crackling texture, Gushtaba, which are meatballs moulded from pounded mutton like large-sized Rista (meat balls) but cooked in thick gravy of fresh curd base, Yakhni, a cream colored preparation of delicate flavor, is made with curd as a base, seekh kababs, Roganjosh, chaman- fried paneer (cottage cheese), in a thick sauce, dum-aloo - roasted potatoes in curd-based gravy.

The Kashmiri Kahwa is a speciality of the region. It is a golden-tea flavoured with cinnamon, saffron and crushed almonds served piping hot to beat the chilling cold.

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Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir
Dal Lake
Mughal Gardens
Shankaracharya Temple

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FAQs on Srinagar

What is famous about Srinagar?

Beautiful shikaras and houseboats. Lustrous sceneries.

What is not so good about Srinagar?

Terror threats in Kashmir make it unsafe. Winters are extremely cold.

Who should visit Srinagar?

Srinagar is for everyone who loves to visit hill stations that are surrounded by serene beauty. There are many tourist attractions here such as the Dal Lake, where you can take a ride on the shikaras and houseboats.

What is the best time to visit Srinagar?

Srinagar has pleasant weather with a soothing temperature making it a go-to destination throughout the year. However, April to October is the best time to visit Srinagar. With freezing winters and hot summers, Srinagar is best visited during the Autumn months from September to November however, monsoons are also a great time that transforms this beautiful place into a magnificent landscape.
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What is the local food in Srinagar?

Srinagar is colorful and beautiful in all its sides. Cuisine follows the same idea, with dishes that are rich, unique and significant enough to create a food culture around themselves. Kashmiri kebabs found are famous worldwide and you just cannot step out of Srinagar without trying these.
Also this is the place for the authentic green tea and Kawah. While here, one can also indulge in popular local breads available here with a sip of 'Pink tea'. Tsot is a local bread with sesame and poppy seeds and is quite popular in menus for breakfast.
Local cuisine include tabak maz, or flat pieces of meat cut from the ribs and fried till they acquire a crisp crackling texture, Gushtaba, which are meatballs moulded from pounded mutton like large-sized Rista (meat balls) but cooked in thick gravy of fresh curd base, Yakhni, a cream colored preparation of delicate flavor, is made with curd as a base, seekh kababs, Roganjosh, chaman- fried paneer (cottage cheese), in a thick sauce, dum-aloo - roasted potatoes in curd-based gravy.
Places to try Kashmiri Food

Matamaal - It is a Kashmiri Pandit household food station where you can relish on some traditional cuisines along with great music. The restaurant has a very classic feel to it, the menu is limited but every dish is worthwhile to try. Mutton Kanti is one of their most ordered items.
The Chinar - Situated in the valleys, this is an exotic food palace for some delight food. The food is a bit expensive but if you want to try some of the rich varieties of Kashmiri food, this place is top recommend. Some of the things you should try are Kashmiri Guchhi and Grilled rainbow trout.
Mughal Darbar - If you want to try some mutton-based cuisines, this place has its best to offer. From the best Wazwan in town to some mouth-watering traditional dishes, the floor carpet sitting is what attracts visitors to this place.
Shamyana - Roagn Josh and Wazwan are two things this place is famous for, serving some authentic delicacies in a great ambience dining. Located on the boulevard street, it offers a wide menu and great service.

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What is the best way to reach Srinagar?

Many people take the train to Jammu followed by a taxi or bus ride to Srinagar. State buses are safe but a little uncomfortable. Foreign travelers on visas are required to register upon arrival at the airport or to their hotel or houseboat. Jammu has an excellent airport which has many flights from Delhi and Leh. Spice Jet, Jet Airways, Air India and Goair have flights from Delhi.
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How much does a package cost for Srinagar?

The packages for Srinagar start at INR 4514 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What are the top hotels in Srinagar?

There are 257 in Srinagar which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Srinagar are Young Shahzada Group of Houseboats, Sikandra Palace Group Of Houseboats, Lake Victoria Group of House Boat, Dilaram Guest House, Gulab Resort, Badyari Palace Group of House boats. You can see all the hotels in Srinagar here

What are the things to do in Srinagar?

The top things to do in Srinagar are Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Srinagar, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Shikara Ride, Hazratbal Shrine. You can see all the places to visit in Srinagar here

What are the places near Srinagar?

The top places near to Srinagar are Gulmarg which is 37 km from Srinagar, Dachigam national park which is located 22 km from Srinagar, Sonamarg which is located 51 km from Srinagar, Amarnath which is located 66 km from Srinagar, Pahalgam which is located 48 km from Srinagar

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Q. Is Srinagar, Gulmarg good for travel between 10 December to 17 December? Please tell me

Tinku Yadav

3 years ago
No if you looking snow fall so going to 20 December to 20 January
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Q. I want to go to Srinagar on18th December for 3 nights and 4 days and return to Jammu which is the lowest price includes hotels and travel charge?


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You can get the most suitable packages through the following link - You can also find packages according to your needs through our Custom Packag (Read More)es through this link Have a great Holiday.
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Q. Which are the local famous dishes in srinagar

Jitu Jain

4 years ago
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arup deep

3 years ago
Please tell me I have go Srinagar in December month, will it be safe?

Kanchan Poddar

3 years ago
I want to go Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg & Pahelgaon on 2nd October 2019. I am a tourist. I shall go with my family. Is it safe to visit Kashmir?

Muskan Shah

on Dal Lake 4 years ago
Dal Lake is the heart of Srinagar. I stayed in a house boat that floats on the lake. The house boats are cozy and lavish. Every morning, people in small boats sell fruits, vegetables and jewelry. I h (Read More)ad fun buying things from a boat while sitting in another boat while drinking Kahwa tea. There is a floating market on the lake which is a must visit.
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